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The Popravinas! and The Drywall Heels

Armchair Oracles

The Popravinas! “California Sonic”

The Popravinas! are back almost ten years later, as Eddy Sill (The Mutts) is joined by John Adair (Guitar, Harmonica, Mandolin, Vocals) Dean Lyons (Guitar, Vocals) and David Rogers (Drums). The band has its own roots-based California pop sound, sure to appeal to fans of The Connection and/or Whiskeytown. “She’s Going South” is like an updated Beach Boys theme about disaster during summer break as they sing “It gonna get ugly, ugly.”

Eddy has a really unique deep vocal, and it makes the ballad “Santa Monica Moon” both catchy and romantic, with a touch of twang. That country-style covers most of the songs here, “Wow” smartly references the movie Days of Wine and Roses and the Rockpile-like gem “Alone Ain’t So Bad” is another good one. The band then does some good ole honky-tonk on “Great Western Fiasco” and “Checked Out Love,” but all the efforts aren’t as lyrically creative; “I Gotta Hope” and “Sent Callin” seem to just drone on. However, if you enjoy the country rock genre this is definitely a great addition to your playlist.

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California Sonic by The Popravinas

The Drywall Heels

The Drywall Heels “The Drywall Heels” EP

What a nice surprise! This Toronto band dazzles us with its subtle melodies and sweet harmonies.The band is the combo of Mike Ciani, Jesse Mirsky, Shane Weir, and Matt Goldman. And boy, have they got the hooks. From the first listen of “You Should Know,” it has that jingle jangle guitar and the crooning “uh-uh-oh” played to minor chords. Then they layer on the harmonies and you have a winner.

“Richmond Hill” and “Questionable” follow a similar style, and “Claudia” is a mid-tempo ballad that recalls those perfect DIY melodies The Toms were famous for. And on top of all this, it’s a FREE download. Highly Recommended and no excuses.

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The Drywall Heels EP by The Drywall Heels

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