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We’d love to hear your demo by sending us your soundcloud – youtube link and we will let you know if you’ll be featured to our blog!

We love music. Every genre of music is welcome to be featured to our blog. We will listen to each track one by one and we will provide information of why a track got approved or declined.

In order for a track to get approved it should show quality to both:

      • Composition – A boring track getting way too repetitive without proper variations and song structure might not pass our team’s judgement to get featured to our website. Consider composing music which keeps the listener interested.
      • Audio Mixing & Mastering – The world’s best song in the world needs as great audio engineering sound as it gets. We all love hearing a “thumpy” bass, along with sweet warm mids and a crystal clear high end.

If you’re interested in a featured post please continue reading below, else for any other random inquiries please visit our contact page.

Full Feature Blog Post & Social Media Shares:

For only $15, we will:

  • Write a Featured Post about your song on with your track player of choice (soundcloud, youtube, etc)
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  • You’re able to send us a bio of yours to add it to the post (optional)

By investing $15 you’ll expose your music to our fans – a huge group of music lovers & record label owners which love music as much as we do.

One link is enough if you don't have more than one. Let us know if you'd like us to copy-paste your already written biography via Soundcloud, Bandcamp (etc) or feel free to write a new one here. We will include your bio along with your track of choice - (A bio is optional).

I agree that if my track gets rejected, I'll get a full refund back to my paypal account along with a reply of why my track got rejected. If my track gets approved, then no refunds will be permitted and my track will be posted on the website, facebook and twitter accounts. This is 100% Risk-Free and I expect a reply from the team in 24-48 hours (business days).

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